Information About Commercial Roofing in Portland, OR

The building of a new business is monumental for the owner. Whether it’s a shop, garage, warehouse, or office, people want the best for the money. When it comes to ensuring a great and durable building that will offer many years of service commercial roofing in Portland, OR options must be considered. There are some difference in how these are constructed and what materials are used in constructing them. A lot of these decisions will be dependent on the type of business and the climate for Oregon.

One of the most common options for commercial roofing in Portland, OR is the EPDM system. These are a flexible choice in material, that consists of a special plastic that is easy to repair and resistant to the UV rays of the sun. This system is versatile and can be used on just about any roof for a commercial structure. Installation is quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive.

Another popular choice is the use of many layers of rubber sheeting that forms a near impervious barrier to rain, snow and ice. It also offers the benefit of being easy to repair. All it takes it adding a new layer to an existing system. This provides tremendous savings upfront and over the years. These systems are also excellent to use in conjunction with coatings that are meant to make a roof cool. Cool coatings are in fact required by some municipalities, and this may happen in Oregon some day, as an interest in more green roofing methods increases.

Any roofing company for commercial applications should have experience in these larger scale jobs. The same kind of caution should be exercised in hiring these contractors as is used for residential jobs. In fact, it should be more stringent for business construction purposes, in order to prevent the potential for lawsuits from employees or customers in the case of a roof collapse or any other such potential catastrophe.

Imagine your expensive office equipment or inventory being damaged by a shoddy commercial roof. Due diligence will protect you and your business. With many thousands of dollars on the line, be sure to investigate a commercial roofer for complaints and positive reviews alike.