How to Verify Insurance of the Best Roofers in Brookfield WI

A roofing system is an integral part of your residence. This structure provides weather-proofing, insulation, and aesthetic appeal. To get the services you need for optimal functionality and longevity, it’s necessary to choose the Best Roofers in Brookfield WI. The roofing contractors you choose should have the qualifications to meet the requirements of your job. One specification is to have valid insurance. Use the following tips to verify the existence of current insurance.


When you first interview a potential roofing contractor, you need to get proof of insurance. To do this, request the name of the roofing contractor’s insurance agent/broker. You will call this representative at a later time to request a certificate of insurance. If the roofer offers to show you a certificate of insurance or his actual insurance contract, politely decline. You can also say it’s your company policy to get verification only from a contractor’s insurance agent/broker. Doing this will help guard against fraudulent documents. A best roofer in Brookfield WI will understand and should comply with your request.

When you view the certificate of insurance, there are key parts to pay attention to. A certificate of insurance is not a copy of an insurance contract. It’s an official document that summarizes important information in an insurance policy such as coverage types, policy limits, and expiration dates.

You or your company’s name should be listed under certificate holder. Your potential roofing contractor is the insured and the producer is the insurance agent/broker who issues the document. Look at the policy expiration date and the policy effective date. Simply put, any work done on your home should only occur if it happens on either of these two dates or any dates in between them. The types of coverage lists the kinds of coverage the roofer has. A roofing contractor should have at least general liability and workers’ compensation. The limits of insurance should be equal or greater than the limits set forth in a contract.

Verifying insurance for Best Roofers in Brookfield WI should not take a long time when you learn what to look for. Doing this will protect your financial interest.

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