How to Qualify for Gastric Bypass Surgery in El Paso

For some people, losing weight can be a difficult experience. No matter how much some people try to diet and lose weight, the pounds just never seem to come off. In cases where individuals have exhausted all methods to lose weight on their own, there is the option of gastric bypass surgery in El Paso. Gastric bypass is an effective method to help individuals struggling with weight issues to finally have the opportunity to lose significant amounts of weight with the help of surgery.

Why Gastric Bypass?

For individuals who have a difficult time losing weight, gastric bypass surgery offers a light at the end of the tunnel. There are some people who have difficulty losing weight no matter what they do or try. The many diets sometimes don’t help some individuals. When it becomes obvious individuals cannot maintain or manage their weight on their own, surgical procedures, such as gastric bypass, actually help save a person’s life. This medical procedure ultimately reduces the size of the stomach, limiting the amount of food an individual can consume, thereby decreasing calorie consumption resulting in weight loss.

The Qualifications

While gastric bypass surgery in El Paso is readily available, there are specific requirements. Some of these requirements include a proven track record of trying to lose weight with no success and a BMI of at least 40. In some cases, 35 is acceptable if the individual has serious health issues aggravated by the excess weight. Upon meeting these initial qualifications, individuals must also undergo a full medical exam, as well as a psychological exam to determine whether a person is sound and stable enough to deal with gastric bypass surgery.

Consulting with a Weight Loss Surgeon

Those who are interested in gastric bypass surgery in El Paso are encouraged to consult with a highly-qualified, reputable weight loss surgeon. The surgeon can provide detailed information on the gastric bypass operation and the expectations that are required in order to move forward with the surgery, as well as aftercare requirements and costs.

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