How To Get The Most Out Of Your CPAP Machine

CPAP machines are often recommended to people who have sleep apnea. Although they are effective for treating sleep apnea, many people find that wearing one is a pain. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to get the most out of your sleep apnea machine in Penticton.

Make Sure That the CPAP Mask is the Right Size
You need to make sure that the mask is the right for your face. Your mask should not be too small because that can cause you to feel claustrophobic. A mask that is too large may slide off while you are sleeping. The CPAP mask should fit comfortably. If the mask does not fit, then you will either need to have it adjusted or get another one.

Practice Makes Perfect
It can take time for you to get adjusted to the CPAP mask. It may feel weird because you are not used to wearing it. That is why you should practice putting on the mask throughout the day. The more you practice putting on your mask, the sooner you will get used to wearing it.

Use Your CPAP Machine Every Time That You Sleep
One of the keys to getting the most out of your sleep apnea machine is to use it consistently. You should use your CPAP machine every time that you sleep. Even if you will be taking a short nap, you should still use your CPAP machine.

Use a CPAP Humidifier
Many people who use CPAP machines complain about having a dry nose or a dry throat. You can prevent this problem by using a CPAP humidifier. A CPAP humidifier will help you stay comfortable while you are sleeping. If you are in need of a sleep apnea machine in Penticton, then you should contact Services Inc. for more information.

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