How to Find a Catering Service for Your Wedding Day

The right caterer can bring your wedding feast to life. That’s why adding caterers to your vendor list can be a bit tricky. Pick the wrong one, and you could end up with a wedding buffet disaster on your hands. Here’s how to hunt down the wedding catering service in Palm Springs that’s perfect for you.

Set a budget

Before anything else, you’ll want to set a budget. That’s going to help you find caterers who are going to be well within your ballpark. Having a budget also helps caterers as they can provide you with plans that are a good fit for what you want and can afford.

Find a caterer

Ask around, The Knot says. Friends and family should be a big help in this case. Reach out to others in your contact list as well. You’ll never know who’s going to give you the best leads so you’ll want to reach out to as many people as possible.

Do your homework

Find out as much as you can about the caterers on your list. Read through their websites and read online feedback on their services. If there are too many complaints, you’ll want to switch to other names on your list.

Don’t jump the gun

Don’t be in a rush to find and book a wedding catering service in Palm Springs. Take your time. Also, the number of guests is a key determining factor in your budget. You’ll want to make sure you have a solid estimate before you try talking to the caterers.

Start early

Start interviewing prospects months before the wedding date. If you look for a catering service too late, the good ones may already be booked solid. For the best results, look for catering companies that have an excellent reputation in the field like the First Class Catering Service.

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