5 Reasons Fish and Chips Rule

Fish and potatoes – that’s a staple dish best served soaked in batter and fried. But why do we love it?

Brings back memories of fun times

It’s fun how fish and chips can bring to mind those vacations when you sat down for a meal at that seafront restaurant. Order a whole plate from one of the local seafood restaurants in Cypress CA just to relive those fun times, whether you were with friends and family or off on a solo adventure.

Lowers risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Fish is a dietary must-have. Eat This; Not That reports how moderate seafood consumption contributes to lower risks of Alzheimer’s disease. People with greater fish consumption levels had more gray brain matter. That reduces brain shrinkage which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease. By making fish a regular part of your diet, you can lower those risks.

Reduces symptoms of depression

Fish oil helps improve symptoms of depression when taken with certain types of anti-depressants. That’s another reason to put fish more regularly on the menu.

Gives you vitamin D

Fish contains high levels of essential nutrient vitamin D which improves calcium absorption. This encourages improved bone health and growth. You can start improving your diet just by adding fish to your daily meals.

Tastes fantastic

Given all the health benefits of fish, you have more than enough reasons to include fish in your diet. One thing’s for sure, though, for many people, it’s about liking the taste of hot chips and white fish in crispy batter. There’s something about that combination that’s just hard to beat.

If you’re ready to order your seafood hot and fresh, dine at one of the many local seafood restaurants in Cypress CA. For the best fish and chips, though, swing by Little Fishermen’s Fish & Chips and grab a bite.

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