How to become a Better Sales Manager

Becoming a better sales manager takes skill and experience. The sales management training Chicago seminars offer often share a few common tips that can really make a difference including:

  • Change Management: Change management can be applied to the volatility of the marketplace in your industry and allow you to provide your team with the information they need to remain competitive in a challenging market. You have to keep them on the leading edge of industry advances so they are able to rise to objections and continue to be able to sell their products as leading edge in their industry.
  • Build Trust: If your team does not trust you they will not respect and follow you. Trust is built by practicing what you preach and always remaining true to what you say. Set weekly meetings and hold them religiously. Review sales results and new goals so people always know what is expected of them. Praise good performance and listen intently to your team when they want to make suggestions. Do what you say you will and make an effort to make yourself available for coaching. Support them and defend them to other managers when required.
  • Offer Feedback: Feedback helps sales people know what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Make sure you are not only offering negative comments as this will destroy morale. A good balance is important for two reasons. First it shows you are sincere when you offer positive feedback. Second it shows the rest of the team there are consequences when goals aren’t met if someone is trying to work outside the rules.
  • Remain Engaged: Know what your team is up to. This is harder for large departments but it is still an important aspect of management. This works to your benefit as it allows you to remain engaged with your team when you have legitimate reasons to ask them how they are progressing. It also allows you to have answers for senior managers when they need them. It shows interest which is another way to maintain high morale.

Sales Management Training Chicago, IL managers undergo can provide much needed insight into some of the techniques and practices that will keep you and your team on their toes. Becoming a better sales manager takes dedication and interest in the team to help add to their success.

If you are looking for ways to improve your management skills the sales management training institute in Chicago provides effective sales training.