Good Point-of-Sale Training Keeps your Business Running Smoothly

Some Point-of-Sale training will always be necessary for new users, and it is in the interest of business owners and management to ensure all POS employees have a clear understanding of functions they will be using on the system. It is also important managers know what to do when they are called for assistance by a POS employee who is unable to operate some function in the POS system.

Point-of-Sale systems and software are designed so anyone can learn how to use them, without needing a lot of technical knowledge, but Point-of-Sale training for all employees will improve workflow and will help to reduce errors and omissions.

People who work in retail, restaurants, bars, hotels and booking offices generally have a basic knowledge of POS systems and how they work, but a college leaver or a temporary employee might require some step-by-step training from a supervisor.

During training, each step in a POS system should be explained, from entering the cost of an item to taking payment in cash, by credit card, check, voucher, token and any other form of currency which will be accepted.

In a retail environment, Point-of-Sale training can include how to give discounts and refunds, dealing with part-exchanges and taking monthly credit payments. Use of peripherals which involve barcode scanning, weighing produce or removing security tags should also be part of the training.

Many bars, cafes and restaurants now use hand-held devices to allow payments for drinks and meals to be made by customers at their tables. Some basic Point-of-Sale training will be necessary for service employees who will be using the mobile POS system for the first time.

Big stores can have their ordering and stock control systems linked to POS software, so some back office and warehousing staff may also need Point-of-Sale training to understand how this software works and how to respond to what the system does.

Reports generated by POS software can provide data on individual users, their hours of work, the amount of sales and service tips. Some Point-of-Sale training would therefore be helpful to anyone in Human Resources and Accounts which need to access this data in order to pay hourly rates, sales commission, bonuses and tips from each shift.

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