How Exterminators in Freehold NJ Control Stink Bug

As the name suggests, stink bugs are small but very smelly insects. They find their way into your home to find warmth as the cold weather approaches. Stink bugs do not have a record of destroying property or spreading diseases but they have a reputation in their awful smell. If they enter your home, you will sense them by an awful unbearable smell. Most people get advice from an Exterminator in Freehold NJ on how they will control stinkbugs. Below are some of the tips that an exterminator will give to help control them.

The first step you should take is inspecting your house mostly from the outside. Go all round checking for any openings that the stink bugs might use to find their way into your home. Once you find any cracks or openings seal them or repair where necessary. It might seem to be tiring but it is worth the freshness of your home.

Pests seem to stay where they also feed well but when they starve, they move to a different place. In this case, ensure that you store your food properly and cover those which are in containers. Dispose any unwanted food, sweep the floors regularly and ensure that your garbage containers are well covered.

Stink bugs also love damp areas, avoid any form of dampness that may attract them. You can try to achieve this by checking for any broken or leaking water pipes around your home. In places like the basement where humidity and moisture is bound to be high, use a dehumidifier machine and observe proper ventilation in all rooms.

Many people have a tendency of squishing bugs when they come across them. Squishing stinkbug enhances the release of the bad odor from the sides of their body. This is also their way of defending themselves when disturbed.

If you happen to find stink bugs already in your house, the best method of getting rid of them is by using a vacuum cleaner. To ensure that there are no traces of the stink bag smell, an Exterminator in Freehold NJ recommend that you can dispose of the vacuum bag. For other methods of getting rid of stink bugs, visit Freehold Pest Control, Inc.

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