Good Reasons to Choose Carpet in Houston, TX

Wall-to-wall carpeting has been popular among homeowners for many years. Its versatility, color and texture options, and pricing are some things that make carpet an appealing flooring solution. If you are in the market for carpet in Houston, TX, it is a good idea to know if it is a good solution for your needs. The following will address some good reasons to choose carpeting for your home.

Safety and Protection

If you have small children or elderly adults with mobility problems in your household, carpet is a good flooring option. Toddlers just learning to walk are prone to falling and having accidents as are elderly adults with mobility issues. It provides cushioning in case of falls and can minimize trauma to the knees, elbows, and head. Carpet also provides a safer surface that is not slick to walk on for the household so it can prevent falls in some cases.

Insulation and Comfort

Since carpeting provides more cushion than other types of flooring, it is more comfortable to the feet. It also provides a dense flooring option that offers insulating properties that add to your home’s insulation and energy efficiency. Carpets are warmer to the feet to walk on so if you have problems with cold feet (especially in the winter) this is a good flooring choice. The insulation properties of carpet come with the benefit of noise reduction as well which is good when you prefer a quieter home life.

Maintenance and Care

Modern carpeting is easy to care for and requires little maintenance. Some good rules to follow with carpet is to avoid walking barefoot on it to reduce bodily oils from breaking down the nap and vacuum it with a no-loss-of-suction vacuum at least three days a week. Cleaning your carpeting once or twice a year (more often if you have pets) will help keep it looking like new and extend the life of your carpeting.

These are a few good reasons to choose carpeting for your home. You can use this type of flooring for only certain rooms, like the bedrooms, living room, and family room areas, or have your whole home wall-to-wall carpeted. Carpet in Houston, TX provides a versatile solution for any home decor and theme and affordable pricing to fit your budget. ATL Carpet Flooring provides in-home consultations where you will see carpet samples to help you decide the best solution for your home.

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