How DVD Replication Services Work

Working with top quality, experienced, professional DVD replication services is the only way to ensure that the copies of your DVD are completely identical to the original. Of course, DVD duplication is also a good option and produces a very good quality DVD, but there is a difference between the two processes.

Understanding the different between DVD replication services and duplication services will ensure that you always get just what you need. Keep in mind that many lower quality and inexperienced companies may use the two terms to mean the same thing, which is very inaccurate and misleading.

DVD Duplication Process

DVD duplication is the more complicated of the two processes, although both are very easy to do using top quality professional equipment. Duplication involves writing to the blank DVDR disk with a laser.

This creates an exact copy of the original that has excellent audio and video recording. Duplication is a great option for smaller orders or when you need your copies quickly.

DVD Replication Services

DVD replication services involved stamping the data onto the disk at one time. This likewise creates an identical copy to the original and is considered the top option when quality is essential. It uses a glass master to create a template disk, al electroformed master, which is used to stamp the replicated DVD as many times as required.

Replication is perfect for larger orders and, although slightly more time consuming, produces an amazing final product. Of course with the top DVD replication services you can also include all your printing and packaging needs to allow you literally one stop shopping and ordering to get your DVD copied, printed and packaged to your specifications. These companies may provide templates and everything you need to upload your files and have everything completed right from your computer.

Since it can be difficult to understand what service is the best option look for a media company that provides you with technical and customer support. You can discuss the options for your project with a company that specializes in DVD replication services and determine which option is right for your project without any guesswork or surprises.

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