Hot Melt Adhesive Manufacturers Know That Packaging Matters

Product packaging is sometimes neglected—or even ignored—but not by those businesses that recognize packaging can devalue a product or, alternatively, can communicate to the potential buyer that the product is worth the investment. Attractive packaging helps position a product in the market, creating an enduring impression and positively influencing repeat sales. Manufacturers of packaging materials of all kinds—boxes, bracing and impact-absorbing materials and even tape and hot melt adhesive manufacturers—recognize that their products help persuade potential buyers in several ways.

Effects of Packaging on Marketing
* Aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful branding enhances buyer interest.
* Packaging that maintains its integrity from the manufacturing site to the showroom floor, and eventually to the client, suggests that the product has remained secure.
* Attractive packaging adds value, elevating the brand above similar but less carefully packaged products in the market.
* Packaging promotes brand recognition.

hot melt adhesive manufacturers not only understand their role in enhancing the marketability of whatever is enclosed in a carton, but also promote their own products as components that help boxes withstand tampering, rough handling and environment-related damage.

Benefits of Hot Melt Adhesive Use in Packaging
* Hot melt adhesives ensure a rigid, durable bond which helps cartons retain their structural integrity throughout handling and transportation.
* Hot melt adhesives consistently perform better with respect to adhesion and shear value than acrylic tapes. Effective sealing of open box flaps with superior adhesives facilitates safe delivery, thereby saving manufacturers the costs associated with product replacement and dissatisfied customers.
* Hot melt adhesives are versatile. They are available in a variety of forms (beads, blocks, chips, pellets or pillows) and can be applied with specialized equipment or by hand.
* Hot melt adhesives are available in many different formulations, designed to promote bonding between almost any two surfaces.

Widely used in the packaging industries, these adhesives add value to the products being manufactured and subsequently distributed to customers. Hot melt adhesive manufacturers know that packaging matters and can help you enhance the marketability of your product by suggesting an adhesive that is a good fit for the processes you already have in place.
To contact an expert about hot melt adhesives formulated to suit your application, visit The experts at Rapid Bond offer innovative equipment, materials and chemicals to the corrugated industry, and we welcome the opportunity to develop a packaging solution to meet the unique needs of your operation.

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