Breast Implants Lansing MI: What You Need to Know

Surgeons use implants to enhance or restore breast volume and shape lost through age, weight fluctuations, trauma or mastectomy. Your doctor at Business Name analyzes your body type, procedure type and desired results to decide how to place your Breast Implants Lansing MI.

Your implants might be placed:

  • Subglandular: Your implant is installed behind milk producing glands and ducts but in front of chest muscles.

  • Partial Submuscular: Your implant installed with part of the implant behind chest muscles and part of the implant behind glands and ducts.

  • Submuscular: Your implant is installed completely behind the chest muscles.

The amount of breast tissue you have along with the size, shape and type of implant chosen will influence your doctor’s decision.

Saline Breast Implants

Recommended for women 18 and over, saline implants are filled with a mixture of salt and sterile water (saline) after the surgeon inserts them. While leaking saline implants do not produce the lumps and symptoms that silicone implants might, deflation is still a concern. Capsular contracture tightens scar tissue around your implant. The pressure on the saline breast implant causes leaking and the implant deflates. The body absorbs and expels the saline and the flattened implant can be replaced.

Silicone Breast Implants

Recommended for women 22 and over, these implants are filled with silicone gel. Silicone implants feel more like a natural breast and do not deflate when leaking. Leaking silicone can migrate away from the breast causing lumps in the armpit, on the chest and stomach. You may experience swelling, numbness and/or pain, but some leaks never produce symptoms. Since your implants might leak without causing symptoms, you will need an MRI three years after your surgery, then every two years to check for leaks and/or ruptures.

Form-Stable Implants

Also called “gummy bear” implants, these implants feature a thicker, firmer gel than that used in other silicone breast implants. The implant’s thicker gel keeps its shape after rupture and renders leaks less likely.

While implants are designed for long-term wear, they do not last forever. They should be removed and/or replaced if they leak, develop ripples, harden, or their shape changes. Breast Implants Lansing MI is conveniently located, making your implant checkups easier to schedule. Visit website domain for more information.