Helpful Tips For AR 15 Gas Block Installation

Perhaps one of the easiest things to do on your own to create a different look for your AR15 or to allow for the installation of a different type of optic is to change out the AR15 gas block.

Other than for this purpose, there will be limited need to every change out the gas block for any other reason. These components are going to be exposed to the higher pressure of gas moving from the gas port through the gas tube. This sudden explosion of gas under this very high pressure continuously cleans the gas block, which means that it doesn’t need to be removed or cleaned with the normal operation of the firearm.

Adjustable Gas Blocks

When changing the type of AR15 gas block, such as moving to one that allows for adjustment as to the volume of gas that moves through the gas block and into the tube. For those that are using the weapon on a regular basis and firing multiple rounds, this is an ideal way to precisely modify the cycling action. For rapid firing, more gas through the port, gas block and air tube are most effective.

Checking the Size

If you are upgrading to a more powerful scope or changing scopes, it will be important to make sure the new AR15 gas block is going to work with the setup. There can be a significant difference in the size of the gas block with relation to different optics.

It is a good idea to check the new scope with your current gas block configuration. If it can be installed without a problem, you know the size of replacement gas block to consider. If there will be an issue with the optics, look for a gas block that will be a suitable match.

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