A Quick Guide To Industrial Portable Misting Fans

There are two very different types of products that may go by the label of portable misting fans. Some companies provide small pillar or stand styles of fans that can be attached to a residential outdoor water faucet. These types of misting systems have one serious flaw; they rely on the water pressure at the faucet to generate the pressure needed to push water through the tiny nozzle orifices to create the micron sized drops needed for true cooling.

However, it should be noted, these residential or personal types of portable misting fans do help in cooling as the combination of some flash evaporation combined with circulating air does create a noticeable temperature change.

Industrial Misting Systems

When it comes to portable misting fans for industrial use, what is really being discussed is a fogging cannon. This is a misting system that can produce substantial mist up to fifty feet from the fan. These systems are often used in production facilities, processing plants or waste treatment types of applications.

They can also be used on construction sites or at the waste transfer or processing locations. They are ideal for outdoor use, but they can also be used indoors where there are lower ceilings, and an installed misting system is not possible.

Some companies make a smaller model of this type of “cannon” misting system. These are just as powerful with the ability to disperse fog in smaller spaces, particularly for the use of humidification rather than odor control or cooling.

Choosing a Company

When choosing a manufacturer of an industrial type of misting fan that can be portable, make sure to look for experience, specialized industry knowledge, and top reputation. These companies typically have worked closely with a variety of industries, and they can design a misting system or portable mist fan or cannon specifically for your industrial application.

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