Has Daniel 11 Prophecy Fulfilled Or Is It In The Near Future?

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Religion

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When the Apostle John was later in his years he was exiled to the island of Patmos. During this time it is said that he wrote the book of Revelation which is otherwise known as the last book of the Bible. To read this book it is said you are blessed to even try to comprehend what it means. Since the apostle was exiled and he may have feared for his life when he was there, he may have written the book in code. No one disagrees with the fact however, that the most input from the book has been taken from the book of Daniel and some predict for this reason that the daniel 11 prophecy fulfilled already.

Put yourself in Johns shoes for a second. He was the youngest of all the apostles and all of the others at this point in John’s life had died a cruel death for believing that not only was Jesus Christ the one and only son of God but that he was crucified, died and was buried but on the third day rose again. Now you are later on in your years and have been exiled to a foreign island where not everyone comes out alive at the end of their prison term. If you had a revelation from God, would you put it all into writing plain and clear for everyone to comprehend?

Perhaps you would take the stance that some did and said that John was hallucinating after so many days on an island trying to stay alive. At a ripe old age, even if you were known for being a son of thunder, you may not have the energy to withstand the wiles of nature on a remote and brutal island. For this reason, interpreters think that daniel 11 prophecy fulfilled may have already taken place and John was simply putting into an analogy.

Those that believe in the truth that the Bible exposes daniel 11 prophecy fulfilled can be taken a number of ways. Revelation was written based on the writings of Daniel and Isaiah mostly which were both Old Testament books meaning that the authors penned them prior to Jesus. When Jesus came did he fulfill all that was written or is that still in our future prior to the second coming of Jesus?

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