Guide to Getting Dental Implants in Warren

Dental implants in Warren are among the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments. Dental implants are made from a substance that resembles teeth. They resemble dentures, but they are surgically fastened to jawbone as a substitute for missing teeth and cannot be removed by anyone except a dentist. Implants are commonly constructed from titanium because it can be tolerated by the body. Titanium is also a durable material.

Who is a candidate for implants? You are a candidate for dental implants in Warren if you have lost teeth from accidents, injuries, or illnesses. Getting implants involves several stages. The first visit is a consultation. The dentist will examine you to make certain you have healthy gums for implants. This is because certain health conditions like osteoporosis or diabetes can cause implant failure. However, that does not mean getting implants are impossible with these conditions. The second phase involves preparing the teeth . During this phase, bone grafting may be required if the jawbone is tender or not thick enough. Any damaged or decayed teeth will also be removed prior to surgery. The next step involves getting the implants. After the implants have time to fuse into the bone, you will get an abutment or temporary fixture. The fixture must be fastened onto the implants with screws. The final stage of surgery involves the permanent crown. This requires a clay impression of teeth which is to ensure proper fit.

There are two types of implants. Endosteal applies the implant with cylinders, screws, or blades. This is commonly used to hold more than one false tooth. It is an ideal option for patients who already have bridges. Subperiosteal implants are placed above the jaw. These provide a metal framework which protrudes through the gum securing the false teeth. This is commonly suggested for patients who do not have adequate bone height or who cannot wear dentures.

If you are not satisfied with your smile, dental implants are for you. You will be able to speak clearly and eat better when your teeth are fixed. It is always helpful to learn what you should expect from any dental procedure by talking to your dentist.

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