About Foundation Repair in Ocala

There are a number of different situations that might call for foundation repair in Ocala. As a general rule, if you notice signs of foundation issues it is best to call for a foundation analysis right away. With foundation issues, the problem will generally start to worsen rather than staying the same. A foundation issue will never just magically resolve itself, and ignoring it can have some very dire consequences for the home owner.

Some of the signs that your foundation may be starting to fail can include cracks in the basement floor, cracks in the bricks in the home, cracks in the fire place, sticking windows, doors that don’t open and close properly, cracks in the drywall, uneven floors, and changes in the appearance of the walls (walls bowing outwards for example.) If your home is showing any of these signs, it might indicate that a foundation issue is just beginning to emerge, or it may indicate that a severe problem is already in existence. The sooner that you address issues with the foundation, the easier it will generally be to get that problem fixed.

The Ram Jack system of foundation repair in Ocala has been in existence for more than 40 years and Ram Jack is the owner of more than 20 different patents. This is a steel foundation that uses piering to lift a collapsed foundation or a sagging foundation. Because ultra strong carbon steel, one of the strongest materials known to man, is used to lift up the foundation slab, the Ram Jack system can be expected to stay in place for many years.

There is a Ram Jack warranty program which you can discuss with your foundation repair contractor as well. This system is geared towards long term repair of your foundation problems rather than quick patches that will only last a year or less. In order for any building to have structural integrity, it has to have a strong foundation beneath it. A strong and lasting foundation can be achieved with the use of systems like Ram Jack, which is why it is currently one of the most popular foundation repair solutions in the United States.

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