Guide to buying a gun

Many people know very little or nothing about what a gun shop in Marietta GA is all about nor do they know anything about the process of buying a gun. Buying a gun is not as simple as it looks on a TV show, as a matter of fact it can be quite difficult. Although federal law allows an individual to buy a shotgun or rifle at age 18 and a handgun at the age of 21, the purchaser must not be:

* Under indictment for a crime which carries one year or more in prison or previously convicted of such a crime

* A fugitive from the law

* Anyone deemed mentally defective

* Any who was dishonorably discharged from the military

* Anyone with a restraining order in effect or previously convicted of domestic violence.

Different states have different rules that pertain to gun ownership so depending upon where the individual lives, there may be other restrictions.


Federal law does not demand that you have a license to own a gun but in most states a license is required to carry a gun on your person.

Where are guns sold?

The simple answer to this question is, “just about anywhere.” Although there may be some truth to this it is better if the gun is purchased locally; it takes fewer steps and is far easier than purchasing out of state. There are many places to buy a gun; a gun shop in Marietta, GA, at a gun show, many shooting ranges carry them, sporting goods stores and pawn shops. Not every place sells every type of gun; some may specialize in handguns and not sell long guns. Many people favor buying the gun at a shooting range as they can test fire the weapon under controlled circumstances and in the presence of people who can answer any questions you may have about the gun.

How can I buy the gun?

Unless the gun is bought from a private person, all the places mentioned above will be a licensed Federal firearms dealer. These licensed dealers gather pertinent information from you and submit it for a background check. Once the check comes back and there is no reason that you cannot own a gun, the sale can be consummated.

AAA Pawn is a licensed gun shop in Marietta, GA. At AAA Pawn you can find whatever long gun, handgun or shot gun that you may be looking for.

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