Great Ways to Get a Dog Ready for Professional Pet Grooming in Alexandria VA

Having a dog is often like having another member of the family. Because family members are valued and loved, it’s prudent to apply this same concept to pets through proper pet care. A huge part of this care involves the hygienic care of a dog. Because Pet Grooming in Alexandria VA may be scary for a dog, it’s a good idea to use the following tips. These suggestions can get a dog ready for this care and help a pet groomer have an easier time during grooming sessions.

Get a Dog Accustomed to Pet Grooming Tools

Pet grooming tools such as brushes, combs, hair dryers, and nippers can all seem unfamiliar and even a bit scary for a dog. Start getting a dog accustomed to these instruments by making them a part of a pet’s daily life. Don’t simply start using a grooming tool on a pet. Instead, begin by placing a comb or brush next to the pet’s feeding dishes. A pet may sniff or even lick the instrument. This is a dog’s way of learning about the object. It’s also prudent to let the pet play with a brush or comb after getting used to it. This should not be done with any electric tools.

Let a Dog Visit the Pet Grooming Facility

The unfamiliar sounds and smells in a pet grooming facility can make a dog nervous when the pet is not familiar with them. To make Pet Grooming in Alexandria VA easier, take a pet to the pet grooming facility before a pet grooming session appointment. Let the dog walk around appropriate areas and even meet the pet groomer. Don’t force a pet to interact with a pet groomer until the pet is ready. Give the dog treats after this introduction as a reward for good behaviour.

By letting a dog get familiar with pet grooming tools and a pet grooming facility, grooming sessions can be calmer and more productive. A calm visit will help a dog avoid stress that can be unhealthy, especially for a dog with heart problems. For information on dog grooming, please Visit

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