Get the Sleep You Deserve With Portland Bed Bug Removal

Bedbugs were once the bane of civilizations everywhere. Because of the way they feed and nest it was difficult to remove the insect with any degree of certainty. This worldwide bedbug infestation was actually a natural response to several environmental factors. First, commerce was moving throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. This allowed the pesky little creature an easy means of travelling the world by simply hitching a ride on a merchant’s caravan. Second, personal hygiene was very lax during this particular time in history. This provided the bedbug many places which they could use for nesting. Third, there were few, if any chemicals available to kill the bedbug. This alone made eliminating the problem practically impossible.

As science expanded and people acquired knowledge of both insects and chemical insecticides they managed to get numerous parasite problems under control including fleas, mosquitoes and bed bugs. Unfortunately, the insecticides they were using turned out to be extremely harmful to the environment and the government banned the use of many of them. The end result was a total loss of control over many of the pests that invade people’s homes and crops or infest their pets or livestock. Thankfully, pest exterminating companies like Halt Pest Control, Inc. have new methods and insecticides to help you get your Bed bug Removal problem under control.

The bedbug is a small, reddish brown insect. On average, it is about the size of an apple seed. They get their nourishment from the blood they consume after biting their prey. Like many of the insects that feed on blood, they can get their blood meal from animals other than humans. Typically, the bite doesn’t bother you and you may not even realize you have a bedbug problem until the infestation becomes large enough that you are getting multiple bites per night.

There are cases, however, where humans have had allergic reactions after being bitten by a bedbug. This problem could actually make the bedbug a dangerous household pest that needs to be eliminated. Spraying the home with insecticide is only one step in Portland Bed bug Removal. Others include checking the home and furniture for signs of further nesting and ensuring that the insects have no other place to hide. Connect with us on Facebook.



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