Get Help From a Divorce Lawyer in Colorado Springs CO

When people get married, they rarely believe it will end in divorce, but divorce rates are higher than they have ever been. If you are facing a divorce, it can be a very trying situation. In many divorces, there is not only the issue of dealing with the end of the marriage, but also there are custody disputes and property issues. All of this can become too much to bear for people dealing with things alone. This is why most people make the wise decision to hire a Divorce Lawyer Colorado Springs CO. Through the help of an attorney, your divorce can go much more smoothly and you will have the peace of mind in knowing your rights and interests are being protected.

What Occurs When You File for Divorce?

When you first file for divorce, a grounds must be given. The grounds for divorce is the reason for you filing. This reason must be stated in writing and you must be able to prove the reason, if you choose a fault reason. It is important you choose wisely when making a grounds statement. In many states, you are allowed to put a no-fault grounds. In no-fault grounds, you are not required to prove the reasons for your divorce. One of the most common of this type of grounds is irreconcilable differences.

Once your petition and grounds have been filed, it will be sent to your spouse. He or she will have a certain period of time to respond and then an appearance date will be set up. This allows all parties to appear before the judge. At this time, any pressing issues, such as temporary custody or spousal support will be decided on until the final ruling takes place at the divorce hearing.

Once the hearing has taken place, the judge will make the final decision on all issues in the divorce and will grant each party a divorce decree, making the marriage legally over. Until this decree is granted, you are legally married to your spouse.

If you have any questions about getting legal help with a divorce, Visit the website at and allow them to assist you in getting through your divorce.

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