A Short History of Chiropractic Medicine

The practice of chiropractic medicine dates back to around 1895, making it quite young in terms of the health care profession. It was ‘invented’ by Daniel Palmer who took an approach to medicine that incorporated preventing health disorders affecting the neuromusculoskeletal system and general health. The idea was that chiropractors use manual therapy and joint adjustment to realign the skeletal system and focus on corrective adjustment and joint dysfunction.

Palmer was a magnetic healer who came up with a concept that the body was a source and store of vitality, spiritual inspiration, as well as rationalism. His concept could be construed as a holistic body healing experience that aligns the core parts of the skeletal system with the inner core ‘chakras’ and healing points. Many a time it also involved using physical skeletal alignment, such as tweaking a joint or cracking the neck joints to align the spinal column. The emphasis was on aligning the entire spirit and body as one so that they worked together in harmony again. It was said to restore structural integrity and improve the status of the person’s health. However, because it was not scientifically testable there was no basis for proving that chiropractic worked, except for the response of the client or patient who has been treated.

Innate Intelligence

Many holistic healers today believe that the body has natural flow, which when interrupted can cause ‘dis-ease’ within, leading to disease. Whilst the earliest surmising of that notion might seem rudimentary compared to today’s idea, its root are similar in that Palmer felt that the flow of the body’s intelligence being interrupted could cause illness within the body. Palmer’s definition of Chiropractic’s was a ‘science of healing without drugs’ and he did consider establishing at a religion, but decided against it. Some of Palmer’s idea were taken directly from the practice of osteopathy—invented by Andrew Taylor Still—which relied on a similar manipulation of the bones and skeletal system to put the body back to its original alignment, and cure ailments. Chiropractors work to a very similar medical ethic of skeletal manipulation and therefore a chiropractor in Vestal NY will probably have a similar technique to a chiropractor who works in Los Angeles.

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