Get Animal Attack Compensation With the Help of an Animal Attack

If a person is victimized in an animal attack, they may be able to get monetary damages for their injuries. Likewise, animal owners should know their responsibilities when such attacks occur. In the article below, readers can learn about their liability in animal attacks, and they can learn about their legal rights should they become a victim.

Animal Attack Liability

Conventional negligence rules create liability for animal owners who have a duty to keep others safe from attacks by their animals. Many jurisdictions have animal attack laws that impose strict liability on pet owners; here, the animal’s owner is responsible, regardless of the victim’s fault in the incident. In some areas, laws create greater liability for keepers of wild animals.

Steps for Attack Victims to Take

The period after an attack may be confusing and stressful for a victim. For that person to protect their claim against the animal’s owner, they should take the following steps.

Identification of the attacking animal: If not tested, the victim may be forced to get a series of painful rabies shots

Obtaining the name and contact information of the animal’s owner, as well as any witnesses to the attack

Seeking medical attention and keeping track of expenses and treatments

Recording photographic evidence of injuries

Compiling a list of those who may be able to attest to an animal’s aggressive nature

There are many things for a victim to do after an animal attack, but one of the most important is to call an call an animal attack attorney in Lockport. Victims should not sign any releases or other paperwork until they’ve consulted an injury attorney.

Liability Insurance to Protect Animal Owners from Claims

Auto and homeowner’s policies often include coverage for animal attacks. Even if a victim doesn’t think the animal owner can afford to compensate them, it may be possible to gain compensation from the owner’s insurance company.

Should a Victim Hire, an Attorney?

If someone is the victim of an animal attack, they should talk to an injury lawyer as soon as possible to protect their legal remedies and rights. An attorney can explain a case’s merits, and they can help the client navigate the legal system. In many cases, an animal attack in Lockport will take the case on contingency, meaning that they only get paid if the claim is successful. To know more information visit us online at Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C.

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