Considerations to Make When Choosing Among Cub Cadet Lawn and Garden Tractors

There are many types of lawn mowers such as walk-behinds, zero turn mowers and lawn and garden tractors. The decision of which type of mower is best for a homeowner depends on their mowing needs, physical condition and preferences, as well as their budget. Below are some criteria by which a homeowner can choose a riding lawn mower.

The Size of the Lawn

The first decision a homeowner makes when choosing a mower is whether to buy a walk-behind or a riding lawn tractor. A walk-behind is best for lawns smaller than ¾ acre, while Cub Cadet Dealer Near Me are a good choice for lawns larger than that size. Mower deck size is another important consideration; the wider the deck, the more grass can be cut in one pass. 20″ decks are OK for small yards, while a larger deck of up to 42″ can be bought for larger lawns.

The Landscape

Another thing to think about when choosing a lawn tractor is the lawn’s terrain. If the lawn is small and flat a basic tractor is a good option. However, if the lawn is sloped a self-propelled mower may be a more appropriate choice. Rear-engine lawn & garden tractors are another choice, but homeowners should avoid using a zero-turn lawn mower on slopes as they have a tendency to tip over.


Lawn obstacles include sprinkler heads, trees, shrubs and anything else requiring special attention. Considering obstacles when choosing a lawn tractor is especially important. Rear-engine models have smaller decks than front-engine mowers do, which means that they can fit through narrower openings. Lawn tractors aren’t as easy to maneuver around certain obstacles as other riding mower types are.

Other Factors

Most lawn tractors come with available options. For instance, a mulching blade puts grass clippings back into the lawn, where nutrients can get into the soil. A bagging unit collects the clippings, which can then be dumped elsewhere. If a homeowner’s yard has small spaces, a rear bagger can improve accessibility, and attachments can be bought separately from website to give Cub Cadet Lawn And Garden Tractors additional capabilities.

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