Gastric Sleeve Surgery an Option for Obesity

by | May 14, 2013 | Health

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Everyone has weight issues from time to time. Occasionally, those issues get out of control. When weight begins to rise to morbid obesity levels, many complications can occur. Heart conditions and diabetes are two of the more common issues from serious weight problems. When weight begins to affect health, it is time to take extreme measures to stop those problems.

A very common process to help eliminate weight quickly is gastric bypass surgery. The surgeon connects the small intestine directly to a small pocket he has created above the stomach. This causes food to go past the stomach and a portion of the small intestines. This process assists in weight-loss by giving the digestive system less time and area for absorption of calories and nutrients. This surgery causes weight-loss to occur quickly and reduces or reverses many health issues caused by obesity. There are side effects such as not absorbing the nutrients needed for the body. Ulcers and other gastrointestinal issues may also occur. But, these side effects are minimal compared to the damage caused by weight.

When a patient is extremely obese and/or ill, sometimes Gastric Sleeve Surgery is used as a first step to gastric bypass. The gastric sleeve surgery houston is a process that removes a portion of the stomach. It is often done laparoscopically. Two thirds of the stomach is removed, leaving a stomach sleeve instead of sack. This surgery lets the patient lose some weight and regain some health before the more invasive gastric bypass surgery.

More recently, Gastric Sleeve Surgery has become a stand alone process for some obese people. The weight loss is slower with gastric sleeve surgery houston. However, the side effects are less. Much of the stomach and small intestine are still intact. There is less of a chance that there will be issues with absorbing nutrients the body needs. Many of the gastrointestinal issues are also minimized by gastric sleeve surgery houston. Mortality rate of this surgery is also much less than that of gastric bypass.

For many people, gastric sleeve surgery may be the better option. It is a less invasive process with fewer side effects. This alternative can help make it easier for someone to get back to a healthier life.

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