Do You Need A Transmission Repair Already?

How long have you been driving your car? Well, it doesn’t matter much if you’re driving for a week or for five years already. The bottom line is that you’ll know the difference between a transmission that’s working fine and one that doesn’t.

A car’s transmission will definitely affect the performance of your vehicle. Essentially, the transmission is what allows your car to go forward and back. While even a malfunctioning transmission can still do this, you’ll notice that your car is putting more effort than it should. Moving your car should be smooth because if it’s not, your transmission has a problem.

Common Transmission Problem Signals
Although you can feel it if you’re car has a transmission problem, it will be best to bring it to a professional transmissions Phenix City AL repair service to get your transmission diagnosed properly. What are the signals that you need to bring your car to a professional car technician already?

1. If your car is not accelerating smoothly or if you’re experiencing a jerking motion when trying to accelerate your car, you may have a gear slippage problem.

2. Do you see some fluid spills when you park your car on concrete? This may be an indication of a transmission fluid leak which is causing the problem.

3. If your car jerks while you drive at a steady speed, this is called surging and it’s considered a serious a transmissions Phenix City AL problem. During this time, you may also hear your car’s RPM to increase.

4. Do you smell something burning while driving your car? This can be related to a leaking fluid problem leaving your car’s transmission with accumulating corrosive agents responsible for the burning smell.

5. A very obvious car transmission problem is when it doesn’t engage. This no action problem is commonly caused by electronic failure.

If you experience any of these transmission problems, you better bring your car to a transmissions repair shop in Phenix City AL right away. The more you ignore the problem, the more it will break and the more you will pay for the repairs.

Transmission problems are a real headache but you have to deal with it head on. You can’t really afford not to drive your car for weeks right? That’s just so inconvenient for you. To avoid that, be wary of these signals and get your car repaired professionally.