Follow These Steps and Call an Injury Lawyer in Madison, WI to Settle an Auto Accident Claim

Understanding how Wisconsin’s laws affect personal injury claims improves a victim’s chances of a favorable outcome. At our firm, an aggressive Injury Lawyer in Madison, WI will fight for the maximum allowable recovery. Learn which steps to take after an accident, how much time in which you must file a claim, the types of compensation to be received, and which other laws could affect the case.

Acting in Accordance with State Law

Under Wisconsin state law, a driver involved in an accident has certain responsibilities. He or she must:

* Stop at the accident scene or as close as possible to it
* Render aid to anyone hurt in the accident, including arrangements for medical transport
* Report the accident to the police
* Remain at the scene and give their name, insurance, and registration information to other involved parties

If an officer completes an accident report, it’s not necessary to file a report with the DOT. When an at-fault party fails to stop or remain on the scene, they may be charged with a hit and run and punitive damages may be awarded.

Protecting a Case After an Accident

Failing to preserve evidence after an auto accident will adversely affect a claim. Help the case and the attorney by taking the following steps:

* Take pictures of the scene, including road conditions and property damage
* Notify the insurance company and ask for a claim form
* Do not admit fault
* Get witnesses’ contact information
* Record the badge number and name of the responding officer
* Reach out to an Injury Lawyer in Madison, WI to learn about the case and legal options

Being involved in an auto accident is very stressful, but it’s crucial to remain calm. A victim’s words, actions, and evidence will have a substantial impact on an auto accident claim.

Knowing When to Call an Attorney

After an auto accident, calling an attorney can make a big difference. Notify a lawyer immediately if:

* Injuries are serious enough to require surgery
* The other driver was intoxicated or distracted
* Anyone in the car is pregnant
* A driver hit a pedestrian or bicyclist
* A motorcycle accident has occurred

We use a full investigative team to ensure that no details are overlooked. Our attorneys will examine the case from all angles to determine liability. Visit to learn more or call today to schedule a consultation.

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