Folcroft Emergency Dentist

Aldan Family Dental is your Emergency Dentist Folcroft and surrounding areas. The exact level of care doesn’t matter because Aldan Family Dental specializes in all things dentistry and can perform any necessary dental procedures from one central office. Providing a wide range of dental services allows us to quickly and effectively treat our patients. In case of emergency procedures especially, Aldan family dental can help our patients receive care the very same day with or without an appointment.

Tooth aches, swollen jaws, cracked or loose teeth, or sore gums are some of the incidences when you may need emergency care. Any of the above can be an early indicator of impending disease or potential infection such as cavaties. The longer a person goes without receiving treatment, the worse the condition can get, which can then lead to more long term problems with potential for further complications. More complicated procedures will be needed to fix more serious problems, so it’s important to get regular check-ups and to maintain your teeth properly.

Sometimes emergency care is required in the case of an accident. Falling and banging your mouth or doing things like grinding teeth can damage them and may require emergency services. Since Aldan Family Dental provides same day emergency services, you are ensured that you can receive immediate care and attention in a dire situation. Aldan Family Dental’s Emergency Dentist Folcroft accept most major insurances for services, including emergency services for teeth and dentures. For those who lack insurance, financing options are available as well as reduced fee programs with flexible payment options.

Taking care of your smile and maintaining is becoming ever increasingly easier for patients. If you require emergency dentist, feel free to call to schedule an appointment or to stop by the offices immediately. Visit the website for location and office hour information. Don’t forget about special offers for new patients that can save several hundreds of dollars on a complete initial screening for you and your entire family. Those are just some of the ways in which Aldan Family Dental helps their patients to get back to smiling.