Fix Your Teeth with Crowns

Many people believe their teeth reflect or enhance their beauty. An even and healthy smile is pleasant and can enhance the facial features of many a man, woman, or child. The emotional distress can be seen in those with imperfect teeth because of genetics or an accident. In some cases, teeth are broken due to a fall, a hard piece of candy, or weak bone structure. Most dentists can fix these issues relatively quickly and without much pain. When broken teeth are fixed, the procedure is called a restoration. There are a variety of ways to fix jagged teeth. However, this article is concerned with the capping procedure.

Capping is another word for crowning. Crowns are coverings that encase the whole tooth, thereby restoring it to its original shape and size. This method is best because it protects and strengthens the tooth structure in such a way that a filling would not. There are a variety of crowns, though porcelain ones are the most popular. The reason that porcelain ones are so popular is because they are the same color as teeth. Most choose to get this procedure because their teeth are broken or fractured, their fillings are fractured or too large, or for cosmetic enhancement. Some other cases for this procedure include protecting a tooth that has had a root canal or protecting decaying teeth.

The procedure is relatively simple and often requires two separate appointments. During the first appointment, molds are taken of the teeth to create a customized and accurate crown. After this mold is taken, patients will receive a temporary one that will remain on the tooth for a few weeks while the permanent cap is being created in a dental laboratory. During the second appointment, the temporary cap is removed, the tooth is cleaned, and the new cap is inserted. Offices like My Smile Design Center,  are adept in performing this procedure and addressing any concerns the patient may have. Besides putting the new cap in, the dentist will give the patient care instructions and advise that regular dental visits are best to ensure the new cap is functioning properly.



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