Filing Social Security Claims in Chicago

If you have found yourself unable to work and are needing to file for Social Security, you may need the services of a Social Security Disability Attorney Chicago. While some places will advise you that you do not need counsel prior to filing, there are some advantages of bringing on an attorney prior to filing your social security claims Chicago. The main advantage is that they can review the information that you have prepared for filing and advise you of any missing information at this point.

The process for filing for SSI or SSD benefits can be long, complicated and confusing. Based on your disability, there are advantages to filing online, over the phone or in person. Your attorney and their competent staff will be able to advise which one will be better. The majority of applications are not approved at the initial stage. This means that you will have to go through the appeal process and wait for a hearing to be held. Did you know that if you are in danger of losing your home, apartment, or unable to provide for your children, there is a way to speed up the scheduling of this hearing? A social security disability attorney Chicago will be able to help you to file a dire needs request. While it does not help speed up things until certain points during the process, every little bit of help is welcome.

It is not smart to attempt to file your Social Security Claims Chicago alone. There are too many loopholes that you can fall in. Any of these will prevent you from receiving the benefit that you have earned and need. It is sometimes hard to consider hiring an attorney when you have no money. In most social security cases, the attorney does not get paid until you win a benefit. They are paid out of the back benefits that you are entitled to, and there is even a cap on what they can receive. This means that you will not have to worry about a huge bill looming over you once you receive your money. Make the call today; they are waiting to talk with you.

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