Choosing the best stone countertop

Although the majority of homeowners decide to have a stone countertop in Rheinlander WI simply based on style considerations, there are a number of practical matters as well which should be considered. There are a number of choices in stone countertops and when it comes time to choose the correct material, the primary consideration is the use that the top will get.

There are some stone materials which are very dramatic, but unfortunately they tend to be very soft. Onyx, marble and travertine are all beautiful, but in a home where a great deal of cooking takes place, or there are small children, it may not be the best choice. These soft stone tops mark easily if a hot pan is placed on them or they come into contact with a sharp knife.

Granite on the other hand is the ideal stone Countertop Rhinelander WI. Granite is resistant to just about everything; heat, chemicals, water and hard enough to resist any cuts or chips. Granite is easy to wipe and clean therefore the kitchen can be kept sanitary.

In the last few years engineered stone has débuted and it is drawing a great deal of attention as a kitchen counter material. It is considerably less expensive than the real thing which adds to its popularity. Although it can look identical to the real natural stone the one drawback is its inability to stand up to high heat.

It is not just the stone mentioned, there are alternatives which in their own right are quite acceptable. Slate, limestone and sandstone are all quite appealing, but, no matter what, they cannot stand up to granite when it comes time to test durability. Limestone and sandstone, although very attractive, are easy to scratch and difficult to buff.

The color of the stone Countertop Rhinelander WI has more to do with the practicality of the surface than it does with style. For a busy kitchen, darker surfaces are best as they tend to conceal marks caused by wear and tear. Lighter tops will show every flaw and are not recommended for large families or busy kitchens. When you set out to select your stone countertop, think first of usability and practicality, then pick the best color available from the type of stone you selected.

Stone Innovations is your home for a marble or granite countertop in Rheinlander WI. Regardless of whether you are building a new home or renovating your current kitchen or bath, Stone Innovations can help you with the supply and installation of the countertop.

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