Environmentally Friendly Electric Fireplaces in Columbus, OH

Although fireplaces were used for functional purposes in the past, they have since become an architectural phenomenon that adds style and elegance to a home, in addition to the warmth they provide during the colder months. Their functional uses have definitely not been abandoned, but the innovative designs that have evolved over the years have made them desirable for their appearance, as much as for their function. One such innovation is electric fireplaces. They retain the appearance of traditional fireplaces, but they are electrical heaters that illuminate the room and simulate wood burning in the fireplace for a relaxing and cozy environment.

When customers need Electric Fireplaces in Columbus, OH, Custom Home and Hearth sells a collection of custom-made electric fireplaces that come in a variety of beautifully designed styles for every home décor. For customers who desire a custom fireplace to add more style to their living space, they can create a simple, yet handsome fireplace burrowed into an area surrounded by furniture for family gatherings, or reading a book on a cool night. For a unique custom design, customers can choose an electric fireplace designed inside of a protruding wall for a distinctive appearance, or they can custom design an attractive fireplace placed inside a tall glass casing as a showpiece. The design choices are endless, and Custom Home and Hearth can create an electric fireplace that guests with not soon forget, and customers will enjoy for years to come.

In addition to style, there are many other benefits to Electric Fireplaces in Columbus, OH. They are made with mirrors, lights, reflectors, and artificial logs and embers to simulate a traditional fireplace. They can be purchased as heating units, or only for their aesthetic appearance without heating capabilities, and they can also be inserted into a traditional fireplace. They are environmentally friendly and do not generate any pollution. They do not require wood or fossil fuels to operate, and customers do not need vents or chimneys either.

Electric fireplaces are a great alternative to traditional fireplaces and they provide the same comfort and style. Customers are not required to pay any costs for remodeling their homes to accommodate the fireplace unless they choose to, and they are cost-effective as well. Custom Home and Hearth can design custom electric fireplaces that will satisfy each of their customers unique design choices and create the type of ambiance customer’s desire that only a fireplace can offer.


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