Five Most Common Problems with Washing Machines

Washing machines are lifesavers and we can’t seem to do without them. When they break down, the consequences can be dire and we need to call in an engineer who deals with washing machine repairs in Southampton or any other major town or city to get it repaired. Some of the most common problems with washing machines can range from the most simplistic to the highly complex.

1. Door Broken or Lid

Most washing machines are programmed to stop functioning if the door is not closed properly. However, if you have an issue with your door breaking during a cycle it will refuse to open at the end of it washing process. The clip could be jammed or it could be an internal motor problem and you will have to call an engineer to open it. Most washers are front loaders in the UK but there are some with top load abilities. The top loaders have a lid, rather than a door and the lid can also get stuck or break.

2. Broken Agitator

One of the major issues with top loaders is that they use agitators to move the laundry load around inside the machine. In the event that the agitator starts to wear out, you may find that your clothes get caught underneath it, and trapped inside the motor below. This can cause the whole machine to burn out eventually, so check your agitator every soften to make sure it is operating as it should.

3. Clogged up Pumps

Every so often you should get your machine serviced by a technician so that they can check the pump. If a pump gets clogged it has to work twice as hard and will burn out much faster.

4. Leaks

Leaks are another common issue, usually caused by loose or broken pipes and washers. Leaks at the front of the appliance could be a result of the detergent door, door seal, pump filter or pump leaking. Back leaks result from problematic fill-hose connections, cracked drain hoses or valves.

5. Unbalanced Washer

When you install your washer you should make sure it is sitting on level ground. The feet of the washer should have turn-screw style stubs that can screw up or down to lengthen the legs to meet with unbalanced flooring. Use these to make the machine level and test it with a spirit level.

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