Does Insurance Cover Auto Glass Damage?

The only real way to determine if your auto insurance covers windshields is to look at the details of your particular policy or contact your insurance agent, some policies do and others don’t. If your policy does cover glass damage, it will probably include a definition of what constitutes damage that can be repaired and what damage means replacement. In many cases if the crack is longer than a dollar bill it will be replaced or if there is a chip in the drivers line of vision auto glass in Columbus, OH will be replaced, otherwise the policy will probably pay for repairs.


It is amazing what a company that focuses on auto glass in Columbus, OH can do, in most cases when a repair is finished you will not be able to find the spot that was damaged. When a chip is repaired properly, it will stop it from turning into a fully fledged crack.

There is little doubt that repairing a chip or small crack is far less expensive than replacing the entire windshield and in most cases the insurance company waives the deductable as the cost is so little. It is highly recommended that if you do get a chip in the windshield of your vehicle that you have it repaired as soon as possible.


If your windshield is damaged to the point where it needs replacing you can certainly expect a brand new replacement. Depending on your insurance policy, the installers will be granted the right to install OEM glass or aftermarket glass. Most insurance policies cover replacing the auto glass in Columbus, OH with aftermarket product. Aftermarket glass is in no way inferior to OEM glass but it is certainly less expensive. If having OEM glass is a significant issue with you there are a couple of options:

* Pay the difference in price between aftermarket glass and OEM glass from your pocket.

* Request that in the event of windshield replacement that the policy covers OEM, this will normally result in a higher premium.

One thing that is nice about replacing a windshield is that you do not have to go to the shop. It is a simple matter for the company to send the replacement glass along with the technician and his tools to your home or office.

Auto Glass Center of Ohio provides replacement & auto glass installation services in columbus, OH.

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