Do I Need To Buy TV Armor?

by | Mar 1, 2012 | Shopping

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Maybe you have recently purchased a flat screen or LCD TV. Perhaps you’ve heard of TV Armor and you are wondering what it is. This helpful product was created by a gentleman whose flatscreen TV was cracked by his son, and he decided to create something that would protect the investment of his beautiful flatscreen TV. If you have had a close call with your new TV, I’m sure you can imagine how he felt.

What Is TV Armor?

It is a clear, optical grade acrylic shield which protects your flatscreen TV from harm. It is a quarter inch thick, so it gives maximum protection to your flatscreen TV. It does not, however, affect the quality of your TV’s picture. It was designed to be see-through and clear and it does not affect your enjoyment of watching TV. There are other TV screen protectors on the market, but they don’t provide the maximum protection of your screen that TV Armor does.

How Does TV Armor Help?

TV Armor will prevent scratches and stains from happening to your TV screen. As you know, with children in the home, it is easy for spills and scratches and other damage to occur to your TV. The TV Armor shield is scratch-resistant and is easy to clean. It is easy to attach to your TV with simple Velcro strips. You don’t have to use any screws, glues, or installation. It is easy to take off for routine cleaning and maintenance. There are felt spacers which give protection between the TV Armor and your TV frame. These also provide shock absorption in case of flying objects or bumps.

Where Can I Buy The TV Armor?

The easiest way to shop for TV Armor is on the internet. You can go online and search for TV Armor and learn more about it. It comes in different sizes, depending on the size of your TV. There are various styles, shapes, and sizes. It also comes in a variety of prices, depending on what you need. You can find one that fits your family budget. By looking online you can see what TV Armor looks like and get more information about it. Also, when you buy online, it will be delivered to your doorstep which is height of convenience.

Now that you have a great flatscreen TV, you want to protect your investment against any flying objects like Wii controllers, toys, balls, or food. A TV screen protector can be easily cleaned and it will protect the investment of your TV screen so that you can have hours of entertainment and educational fun watching your TV. Some people think it is expensive to buy a TV screen protector like TV Armor, but it is really a small investment compared to the purchase price of your flatscreen TV and it will protect your investment for many years to come.

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