Hazwoper Course Training

by | Feb 29, 2012 | Career and Education

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There is a good part of the population that has never heard of Hazwoper or the courses that they offer. All businesses have strict rules related to OSHA guidelines. Every employer and employee has heard of OSHA and if they haven’t it would be a rare instance. OSHA is responsible for the safety of all employers and their employees. OSHA stands for Occupational Health and Safety Administration and is responsible for helping to prevent job related injury, illness and or death. Hazwoper stands for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard and is responsible for anyone in a business where they handle hazardous waste or dangerous substances. The Hazwoper course has three levels available, a 40 hour course, a 24 hour course and an 8 hour course.

Since Hazwoper workers are involved in one of the most hazardous jobs in the world the workers must be trained and certified and know what they are doing, using skill and efficiency on the job. As a matter of fact, OSHA oversees this course to make sure that participants receive the very best training that they can receive. This course teaches participants health and safety standards in keeping with OSHA guidelines for the handling of toxic waste and hazardous substances, so must comply 100% with OSHA guidelines. This course is set up in a way that pertains to only your business. In this way they are not giving the participant needless information that they would not use in their particular field. Depending on what course you are taking will determine topics are essential.

The 40 hour Hazwoper course teaches how OSHA regulates safety in the workplace. They teach how to eliminate hazards in the work area. They help the participant identify hazardous material in the workplace. Every employee has heard of the MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheets. There are many compounds when mixed together can cause a dangerous outcome. The course teaches what may become flammable, explosive, chemically harmful or radiological hazardous. They teach why employees should wear protective equipment so that they do not injure themselves. The course will teach how the person can establish a site control program to limit employees’ exposure to a toxic area. They teach how to treat workers in case there is exposure to a hazardous substance. This course is the most in-depth certification course.

The 24 and 8 hour course in not as in-depth. They do cover subject matter well and what is required for the participant to receive certification. Without the benefit of the Hazwoper courses no one would be educated in how to deal with toxic waste and toxic substances. These courses are essential for the safety and health of all in the workforce.

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