Different types of popcorn makers

Popcorn is a world favorite snack food, easy to make and healthy. Popcorn has been around for centuries and prepared in a host of different ways but with the advent of pre-prepared bags of popcorn that are for use in a microwave, people tend to forget that there are many others popcorn makers available. The following explores some of the different ways popcorn can be made around the house.

Stove top:

The most basic way to make popcorn in the home is on the stove top, this requires a big pot with a tight fitting lid and a stout handle. Although any material will suffice, most of these large pans are either cast iron Dutch ovens or stainless steel. The idea is simple; put an amount of fresh popcorn kernels in the pan along with a small amount of oil, cover the pan tightly and set it on the burner. The pan must be gently moved to stop the kernels from burning. Many modern ranges have a glass top so it will be necessary to pick the pan up off the surface to shake it otherwise the surface can be damaged. As the oil heats, the popcorn begins to pop.

Hot air popcorn makers:

Many people consider the popcorn that is made using hot air to be a healthier alternative because no oil is used in the process. These machines use a steady flow of hot air which brings the temperature of the kernels to a point where they pop.


For years the hot oil popcorn method was by far the most common and popular, that all ended with the advent of microwave popcorn. Microwave popcorn either can be purchased in a bag from any supermarket that uses the normal microwave oven found in most kitchens or a standalone unit used exclusively for making popcorn. Powered by microwaves of course, this machine is a shallow bowl with a non-stick surface; oil and popcorn kernels are placed in this bowl and covered with a transparent plastic dome. Just like any other method, the oil heats up, the corn pops and it is contained in the dome which, when flipped over becomes the serving bowl.
Although microwave popcorn may be the most popular, people that have a home theater often purchase a theater type popcorn maker to add a certain authenticity to their theater.

Popcorn machines for use in the home or for commercial purposes are available when you shop online at . There are variety of models to choose from to fit your budget.

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