Common Check Engine Car Repair in Salt Lake City

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Automotive

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One of the most helpful features on any vehicle is the on board computer, which sends a signal that lights of the check engine indicator when there is a problem with your car. In most cases, you can go to a local auto parts retailer and get the light checked in order to figure out what repairs you need on your car. This helps to take all of the guess work out of auto repair, which can help to save you money on having your diagnostic work done at a shop. In most cases, the part that needs to be replaced with require a professional auto mechanic but knowing what you need can help reduce the chance of you being ripped off a fraudulent repair shop looking to add on unnecessary repairs just to drive the bill up. Here are a few of the most common check engine light Car Repair in Salt Lake City.

Oxygen Sensor

One of the most common car repairs that result from a check engine light is an oxygen sensor, which helps to regulate the mixture of air and gas in your vehicle’s fuel system. A bad oxygen sensor is usually caused by neglect on the part of the vehicle owner regarding proper maintenance or the use of a highly concentrated ethanol, which can create a buildup on the sensor that can lead to a failure in the sensor.

Loose Fuel Cap

Another common cause of a check engine light is a loose fuel cap, which can be fixed relatively easy. Most new vehicles have a feature that alerts the user that their fuel cap is loose or off by an illuminated check engine light. Although this problem can be fixed by simply tightening the cap, in order to turn the light off you will have to either disconnect your batter for 1 to 3 minutes or have a professional clear the light by using a code reader.

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