Dealing with the Effects of Fire Damage in Sterling

by | Nov 8, 2012 | Home Improvement

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Dealing with fire damage to your home in Sterling can be a real nightmare. When you work with experts to help clean up after a fire, the process can take time and drag out the trauma of the experience. The extent of fire damage can go well beyond the loss of personal items and property. Fire damage can impact your space in ways that you might not be able to imagine. This is why a professional service should always be called in to help clean up.

Most often the worst of any fire damage doesn’t come from the actual fire, but from the smoke. Smoke can get into areas of your home that the fire never even came close to reaching. This can lead to damage, soot, residue, and odor that would not be expected when looking at the areas of your home or office where the flames did no damage. When you work with professionals to help you deal with your fire damage in Sterling, you can feel secure that the full extent of the damage will be discovered and repaired.

Smoke can complicate the restoration process after a fire. This is why it is so important that you get a full investigation before the clean up process even begins. This is because smoke can get into plumbing systems, holes, pipes, and other areas in yours house where there wasn’t any fire. Hot smoke will also rise into cooler and higher areas of your space.

There is also a residue that is left behind by smoke. There are actually several types of these residues and the clean up process is different for each of them. Here are some of the more typical types of smoke damage:

Wet Smoke
When a fire smolders and has a low heat, it leaves a sticky residue that is pungent and very difficult to clean.

Dry Smoke
A fast burning fire with a high temperature leaves a dry powder-like residue, which is more like smoke particles.

After a fire there can also be residue from the process of putting out the fire. Water and fire extinguishers require a special clean-up process of their own. If you have experienced fire damage in Sterling, you might have all of these types of residues to clean up. It takes a professional to know exactly what type of damage you are dealing with and the right tools to get it cleaned up properly.

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