Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County: The Different Types of Criminals

People are guaranteed to be provided the services of Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County if they are being faced with a criminal charge or if they are under police investigation. The purpose of this right is to ensure that the person receives a fair and timely journey through the court system. There are technically four different kinds of criminals. Regardless of what type of criminal you are, you have the right to have one of the Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County at your side until you are proven innocent or guilty.

The Pretender

The pretender is an individual who takes the fall for a crime that was committed by someone else. This is someone who does not want a lawyer that is going to fight too hard to get them a not guilty charge. They do not want the prosecutor digging deep enough into their case to realize that they did not do it. The pretender could be a mother protecting her child or a husband protecting his wife.

The Innocent

The court system and police officers are not perfect. There are times when someone gets charged with something they really did not do. Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County love taking cases for the innocent. This is because if you are truly innocent of a crime there should be a way to prove that. Fortunately, your lawyer does not actually have to prove you are innocent. They just have to stop the prosecutor from proving you are guilty.

The Guilty

Sometimes the guilty criminals plead guilty and other times they plead innocent. Even if you are guilty of a crime, you still have the right to have one of the Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County defending your case. Your lawyer might try to get you to plead guilty to the crime you have committed in exchange for a lighter sentence.

The last type of criminal is defined as the mentally or psychologically ill. If you fall into this category, your lawyer is going to try to argue that it was not your fault that you committed a crime because you are sick and you did not know any better.

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