Consult an Electrical Contractor in Wichita, Kansas for Updating Options

Electrical industry experts agree that most older homes need electrical system upgrades to meet even minimum standards required today. While the electrical systems in older homes were sufficient for residents’ needs when new, modern families place a much greater demand on those same systems. In addition, systems have a finite life, and many systems in Wichita’s older neighborhoods are beyond their expected lifespans. Owners of older homes should consider having their electrical system inspected by a qualified electrician to determine what, if any, upgrades are needed.

A professional electrical contractor in Wichita, Kansas will most likely begin an inspection by examining the service panel, which houses the breakers for each of the circuits in the home. In the past, 60 amp or 100 amp service panels were often considered to be sufficient. Homes typically included lighting, a few appliances, and a television. Today’s homes are filled with electronic equipment, often including expensive entertainment systems, one or more computers, and many other devices. Appliances are also more sophisticated, often including components not even dreamed of a few years ago. New homes routinely use 150 amp or 200 amp services, with specialized circuits designed to serve that type of equipment. Even 200 amp panels are barely adequate for many new homes, as more devices are added. Homes still using 60 or 100 amp service panels should consider upgrading to adequately protect the home’s many devices.

An area electrical contractor like Decker Electric ( should also be consulted whenever home or business owners notice any type of problem with the service. For example, if a breaker trips on a regular basis, a problem is present. If the circuit is overloaded, wiring updates are indicated. At times, the issue could be with the breaker itself. A qualified electrician can quickly isolate the problem. Several older electrical panels have also been identified as needing replacement because of issues with breakers not tripping when they should. Again, the electrician can quickly determine if one of the recalled models is present.

Even when there is no immediate problem seen, homeowners should routinely schedule inspections by an electrical contractor in Wichita, Kansas to ensure developing problems are corrected before they can cause damage to the home.

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