Claiming your piece of the oil drilling pie

by | Feb 24, 2015 | Oil and Gas

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Oil drilling is an industry that has been there for many years, and does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. America as a whole uses a massive amount of oil every year, and roughly 40% of it comes from other countries including Saudi Arabia and Canada. The other 60% is collected within our own borders which mean oil drilling offers a lucrative investment potential.

Learning about proper investments

Investing in and of itself can be risky as well as profitable. The wrong investments can ruin a company, while the right ones can change your entire financial outlook for the good. Making educated guesses on the best sources to invest in is the only way you will know what is a safe bet. No one knows exactly how much oil a drill can produce, so educating yourself on the risks and benefits is very important.

Is the oil industry lucrative?

It can be an extremely profitable venture for corporate entities to consider as an investment. America needs oil; we use it in a huge number of sources so of course we want to make sure it keeps coming in. This means new oil rigs are always being built, new oil sources are being explored and new trades are being made with other countries that are producing oil. Having single or multiple investments in the oil and gas exploration and collection industry means you will be getting a steady return on your initial investment and can stand to earn a healthy profit while also helping to keep jobs on American soil and to gain our independence from other oil producing countries.

What are the benefits and risks?

As with any investment no matter how big or small, there are both benefits and risks. Some of the benefits include finding entirely new sources of major oil and gas, landing a massive underground reservoir or table of oil, and seeing a huge return on your initial investment in record time. This is, of course, what every investor wants but as we all know, it’s a gamble and nothing is definite. Risks may include inefficient drilling or a dry table, a small reservoir that does not produce much oil or gas, drill malfunctions or accidents or an oil market crash. Luckily, as many investors have found out over the years, the oil and gas industries are going strong and will very likely remain strong for many years to come.

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