Choosing the Right Wreaths in Butler County OH

by | Jul 30, 2015 | Cremation

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When a friend or other loved one passes away, the custom of investing in a flower arrangement for the funeral and possibly the grave site is common. There is no doubt that Wreaths in Butler County OH mounted on stands is a wonderful way to pay respects to the deceased and let the family know they are in the thoughts of many as they adjust to live without the loved one. The question that remains is what sort of wreath is appropriate. Here are some points to consider.

What Did the Deceased Like?

When talking with a florist about options for Wreaths in Butler County OH, the question of what sort of plants and flowers the deceased liked is likely to come up. Using that information as the basis for the wreath design does make a lot of sense. For example, perhaps the deceased was fond of yellow roses. When that is the case, ordering a wreath that is composed of elements like feather leaf fern, yellow roses, and baby’s breath would certainly be a fitting honor for the person who has passed away.

Real or Artificial Flowers?

Another point to consider is whether the wreath should make use of artificial flowers and greenery, or if the real thing would be the best way to go. Having some idea of what the family will do with the arrangements after the funeral can aid in making this decision. When the plan is to leave the wreaths around the grave for some time, it would make sense to go with high quality artificial elements that resist fading and will look find for at least a few weeks. If the family is likely to take the wreaths home and put them in a place of honor, going with real blooms and foliage is a better choice.

Doing so will make it easier to identify what options are in line with the wishes of the family, and still allow the mourner to honor the memory of the deceased. You can also visit them on Pinterest for more information.

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