Funerals in San Diego, CA Are Increasingly Popular After Cremation

More people than ever before are choosing cremation over burial, and there are many good reasons to do so. One question that often remains even among those who opt for cremation, however, centers on the associated services and events.

Funerals in San Diego CA are always held when a deceased person’s remains are to be buried, but they can also be scheduled for those who have been cremated. In fact, this is an increasingly popular option that can make excellent sense and provide some of the benefits of each of the two options.

A Funeral Can Be the Perfect Complement to Cremation

Many people who choose cremation for themselves express wishes about what should be done with their ashes thereafter. In many such cases, loved ones turn the related activities into ceremonies that are used to remember and celebrate the life of the deceased.

Funerals in San Diego CA can just as well be employed for the same purposes and, in fact, increasingly often are. Some of the reasons the loved ones of deceased personsĀ arrange funerals after cremation include:

  • Burial of the ashes
  • It is very common for one partner to want to be buried alongside another who preceded them in death. Cremation does not have to interfere with the fulfillment of such wishes, as has become apparent to many in recent years. Burying the ashes of a recently departed person alongside the remains of another in an established cemetery is a common reason to host a funeral after a cremation. In practice, however, ashes can just as well be interred in this fashion even in the more general case.
  • A sense of closure and resolution.
  • One of the most difficult things about getting over the loss of a loved one is a feeling that too much remains unresolved. Funerals are often very effective at putting to rest the minds and feelings of those who might be so affected. As a result, a funeral held after a cremation can be productive even if the ashes are not to be buried.

Plenty of Support and Assistance is Available

Fortunately, anyone contemplating a funeral for one of these reasons or another can count on receiving plenty of help. In many cases, the same professionals who carry out a cremation will be able to provide support.

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