Champaign IL Professional Concrete Contractors Provide Value, Quality

When looks and durability are important, concrete is regarded by industry experts as the top choice for driveways, sidewalks, curbs and patios. When properly installed and maintained, concrete will outlast virtually any other finishing material, making it a good investment for both home and business owners. Area professionals like A1 Pavement Maintenance routinely recommend concrete for many applications around area homes.

Concrete patios are increasingly popular as Champaign area residents follow the national trend toward expanding outdoor living areas. While concrete alone can be attractive, modern treatments provide custom looks that are often mistaken for other materials. Concrete is also a great base for decorative tile, often allowing the motifs used in a home to be carried into outdoor spaces. Hot tubs also need a solid base, and nothing is better than concrete for keeping a spa properly leveled.

Of course concrete is ideal for driveways and sidewalks. Real estate agents readily attest to the fact that homes with new or well maintained concrete driveways generally have greater curb appeal than homes with worn or damaged driveways. Even when a home is not being marketed, a quality driveway or sidewalk is welcoming to guests and keeps neighborhoods looking good. Champaign IL professional concrete contractors help homeowners design driveways or sidewalks that meet modern needs. Often moving a driveway or sidewalk improves site drainage or makes it safer to enter or leave the property. No matter what the circumstance, concrete contractors can help with appropriate design ideas.

Top Champaign IL professional concrete contractors also provide other services to provide value and utility for home and business owners throughout the region. For situations where concrete is not the best option, or where its use would be cost prohibitive, asphalt paving is also available. Commercial parking lots, for example, are routinely paved with asphalt. Local contractors not only provide the initial paving, they also maintain the asphalt to keep it looking good for years. Regular maintenance, including patching, crack repair and seal coating, greatly extend the life of any asphalt surface.

Top area contractors analyze the specific needs of clients and help them determine the best products to meet their needs. Both concrete and asphalt products are excellent choices, and both can provide value and quality for area home and business owners.

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