Can Converting to Solar Energy Save You Money?

Solar energy has gained a considerable amount of traction as of recent years, thanks to the work of environmental and energy professionals. The prominence of solar energy has only continued to grow, to the point that it’s now a viable option for powering your own home. People all over the country have switched from traditional electrical energy to using solar panels to power their homes and, depending on your location, energy provider and home setup, this option may be a viable one for you! Beyond its efficiency, solar energy can save you quite a bit of money! Read on to learn how.

How Does Solar Energy Save?

Beyond the dollars being shaved off of your utility bills, you may be in for a wonderful savings surprise come tax day! By claiming your solar panels on your taxes, you could be eligible for solar rebates in Washington. However, there are a few qualifications you must meet beforehand. First, those who rent cannot claim their panels on their taxes. You must have full possession of your solar setup. This qualification goes for any and every property under your name, whether you currently live there or not.

How Much Can I Save?

Solar rebates in Washington can save you up to 30 percent come tax day. How much you save is pulled directly from however much you spent to get your solar panels installed, among numerous other factors. 30 percent of that total cost will be deducted from your taxes, provided that you choose to list your solar panel expenses when you file.

You can also procure several other types of solar rebates in Washington, including:

  • Exemptions on your taxes

  • Credits toward your state taxes

  • Loan subsidies

  • SRECs, also known as solar renewable energy certificates, which you can sell to utility companies on a yearly basis

  • And many more!

If you’re interested in learning more about earning solar rebates in Washington or related information, visit Next Gen Electric at their website or call 208-765-9473.

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