Call for Gas Furnace Repair in Kitsap County

Winter is the wrong time to have furnace problems, especially at night when the temperature gets colder. However, without regular maintenance, a gas furnace can fail, leaving everyone shivering at night. Here are three repairs that furnaces often require:

Cycling Too Often

If you hear your furnace turning off and on too often, then the problem could be something as simple as a clogged filter, improper air flow throughout your house, or a malfunctioning thermostat. An expensive gas furnace repair in Kitsap County can be avoided by scheduling maintenance at least once a year. They will change the filters and inspect the system for problems to make sure it works properly to help you and your family stay warm during the cold winter months.

Blower Runs Continuously

If the blower motor in the furnace won’t shut off, then you need to contact a furnace repair company because the limit switch will probably need to be replaced. When the thermostat doesn’t trigger the heat to come on, then the air blowing from the furnace will be cool, making your house uncomfortable since the temperature will not be consistent. Call for a gas furnace repair to have the furnace examined and repaired if the blower motor isn’t shutting off.

Doesn’t Turn On

When the furnace will not turn on, the most frequent problem is a bad thermostat. This problem is easily diagnosed, as all you need to do is turn up the temperature settings to see if the thermostat triggers the system to come on. To contact a furnace repair company for a thermostat replacement, go to for contact information.

To avoid needing an expensive gas furnace repair, have your furnace maintained and inspected yearly before the seasons change to make sure it stays running smoothly.

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