Minimize the Impact of a DUI Conviction With the Assistance of a DUI Attorney in Burley ID

One of the biggest hurdles a person will need to get over if they’re convicted of a DUI is the loss of their driver’s license. While a DUI Attorney in Burley ID can help minimize the amount of time they spend in jail and the fines they will need to pay as a part of their sentence, the loss of their driver’s license could present an undue hardship that makes it more difficult for the person to get past the conviction and continue to work.

Driver’s Licenses are Automatically Suspended

When a person is arrested and charged with a DUI, their license is automatically suspended. If they’re found guilty, even if it’s their first offense, they will have a suspended license for between 90 and 180 days. This means they cannot drive their vehicle at all and are at risk of being arrested if they are stopped while driving a vehicle during their suspension. This will lead to additional charges and the possibility of further jail time.

A Hardship License Might be Obtainable

In some cases, it is not possible for a person to live without being able to drive. They might not have the option of using public transportation, a bike, or a friend to get to work and back. In these cases, their lawyer can ask for a hardship license for them. This gives them the ability to drive when necessary even while their license is suspended and can help prevent an arrest for driving with a suspended license.

There are Limits to the Hardship License

Even though a hardship license allows the person to drive while on a suspended license, there are limits to it. They might only be able to drive during the day and will not be able to drive at night or they might only be allowed to drive to their work and back. They also might need to have an IID (interlock ignition device) installed to demonstrate they are not driving under the influence.

If you’re facing DUI charges and are worried about your license being suspended, contact a DUI Attorney in Burley ID right away. They’ll help you avoid a conviction if possible and, even if you are convicted, work to limit the impact the conviction will have on your future. Know more about our firm so you can get the help you need today.

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