Buying Wedding Bands in Charleston SC on a Budget

Weddings are a beautiful occasion and symbolize a great change for a man and woman. Weddings usually cost a lot of money in Charleston SC and can be hard to control, especially when wedding bands come in. Women tend to want beautiful, elaborate Wedding bands in Charleston SC and this can be slightly difficult if on a budget. However, there are a few tips to help get a ring that she will love while staying on budget.

Thin Band

Most people don’t consider the actual size of the band in Charleston SC. However, it is common knowledge that a thin band will use less metal than a wider band. Most people can’t even tell the size difference, but you will definitely notice a difference in the price. A thinner band could cost you 50 percent less than a regular-sized band and diamonds can also be included. The diamonds will be smaller, but the ring will still look full and beautiful. This can work really well for a woman with small hands, and even men can wear a thinner band and still look handsome. This is considered a more modern look, but it can still be classic, as well.

Choice of Metal

Hollywood loves platinum right now, but it can be costly. Gold is actually a less expensive option right now, though palladium, titanium and tungsten can also be less expensive than platinum. Gold bands are not just made of pure gold because gold is too soft of a metal. It is mixed with other metals, such as nickel to give it strength and durability. However, make sure that you do not have a metal allergy, because you may not be able to wear a low-karat gold or use a specific band mixed with specific metals.


It shouldn’t need to be said at all, but getting the proper size is important. Jewelers will size your finger free of charge and this is a very quick process. If you don’t get the right size ring, you may end up paying to have it resized later, and this could be costly. Women tend to like rings that fit a little looser than normal, especially for when they become pregnant. It is also important to note that women’s fingers tend to be slightly thinner in winter and larger in the summer. Take this into account when you buy the ring so it fits comfortably all year long.

Wedding bands don’t have to cost a fortune. To find out more about quality jewelry, visit Chris Dodson today.

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